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Manasonics. Cinematic music conceived by the founding trio of Bureau de Son, Steve Argüelles, Nicolas Becker, Benoît Delbecq. CD "Foleyreleased on dStream(2017)

The Recyclers. The mythic trio founded 1993 in the service of insular and bouncy from Steve Argüelles. Steve Argüelles, Benoît Delbecq, Christophe "Disco" Minck. CD "Davout" released on dStream (2018)

Ambitronix. Steve Argüelles & Benoît Delbecq, drums, usine, piano, sampler, bass station.


Sarah Murcia Eyeballing. Sarah Murcia's new undocile quartet with fertile beats. Sarah Murcia, Olivier Py, François Thuillier, Benoît Delbecq. CD on dStream.

Plug and Pray. A duo of master keyboardists, Delbecq and Jozef Dumoulin, armed with their crazy electronic finds. CD "Evergreensreleased on dStream (2016). 

Delbecq 4. A transatlantic quartet founded in New York in 2016 with the cream of creative New-Yorkers. Benoît Delbecq, Mark Turner, John Hébert, Gerald Cleaver. CD "Spots on Stripes" on Clean Feed (2018)
Delbecq 3. An animated triangle of conceptions by Delbecq, the art of the master drummer Emile Biayenda, and subtility of Miles Perkin on double bass.
CD "Inkon CleanFeed (2015)

Sarah Murcia - Caroline. Sarah Murcia's seminal band. Sarah Murcia, Olivier Py, Gilles Coronado, Franck Vaillant.

Four Hands. Benoît Delbecq and Steve Argüelles, prepared piano

4 Hands 1 Breath. Pierre Bastien, Benoît Delbecq, Steve Argüelles

My Mother is a Fish. When Sarah Murcia adapts As I lay dying by William Faulkner, with her seminal band Caroline + Benoît Delbecq, plus Mark Tompkins who sings and dances.

Delbecq piano solo. An otherwordly piano, peopled with 1001 ritornelli, latest release: The Weight of Light. CD on Pyroclastic Records.

Kartet. Since 1989, this quartet has influenced a whole generation, tirelessly pursuing it's quest for new forms and sounds. With Guillaume Orti, Benoît Delbecq, Hubert Dupont, Samuel Ber.

Weave4. A newly formed band uniting Francisco Bigoni, Francesco Diodati, two younger and unmissable voices of the european scene with the Argüelles-Delbecq unit, magically weaving sounds and lines.

Benoît Delbecq and the Multiplexers. Delbecq's first sextet with Samuel Blaser, Alain Vankenhove, Charley Rose, Benoît Delbecq, Etienne Renard, Samuel Ber.

Triple Fever. a trio collective uniting Benoît Delbecq, Etienne Renard, Guilhem Flouzat.

B. Delbecq/ Fred Hersch _ Fun House. a double trio Benoît Delbecq, Fred Hersch, Steve Argüelles, Gerry Hemingway, Miles Perkin. Cd on Songlines. 

Divining Sticks. Steve Argüelles solo

Mad Macs. Benoît Delbecq on electronics

Plush Tite. Steve Argüelles et Nicolas Villebrun

Deep Ford. Robin Fincker, Benoît Delbecq, Sylvain Darrifourcq


Codeage. Steve Argüelles + Baroque sub-tones

Pianoctail. Steve Argüelles et Benoît Delbecq, pianodisklavier/usine et piano. 

Two Drums. Steve Argüelles et Benoît Delbecq

Illegal Crowns. Mary Halvorson, Taylor Ho Bynum, Benoît Delbecq, Tomas Fujiwara

Fourth Landscape. Benoît Delbecq, Samuel Blaser, Gerry Hemingway

Medusa Beats. Jonas Burwinkel, Benoît Delbecq, Clemens Van der Feen

Benoît Delbecq - duos with François Houle, Andy Milne, Marc Ducret, Fred Hersch, Claudia Solal, Elise Caron, Evan Parker.

Secret Heroes. Beat adventurours, with Delbecq, Jozef Dumoulin, Ashley Slater, Gilbert Nouno. Premiered at lRCAM en 2016

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