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Sarah Murcia, double bass player, pianist, composer, arranger, producer, is a virtuoso musician with a healthy insolence and relevance, heart and ear anchored in fertile and unruly beats. 

Disciple of Jean-François Jenny-Clark, a leader or co-leader of many ensembles (Eyeballing, Caroline, Beau Catcheur, with Kamilya Jubran...), sidewoman (Magic Malik, Sylvain Cathala, Louis Sclavis, Rodolphe Burger... ), she also directs a number of trans-disciplinary projects, notably with choreographer and singer Mark Tompkins (Never Mind the Future, based on the Sex Pistols, and also My Mother is a Fish after Faulkner), and with choreographer and director Fanny De Chaillé, she also composes and produces for the film. 

Sarah Murcia's freedom and know-how is at the forefront of tomorrow's jazz, renewed pop, and a completely original direction in Middle Eastern music - as evidenced by her recent symphonic work for Kamilya Jubran and the Orchestre de Normandie. 


"an extraordinary musical path." 



Photo: Emmanuel-Rioufol

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